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Lesser Known Features of UAE Deserts that World Tourists may not share!


If you have landed this page hunting for top features of UAE deserts, you have landed at the right place!

In fact, the best place, because this post shares some of the most authentic information about UAE deserts.

Mind you, these details about the UAE desert attractions and their unsurpassable magnificence come straight from the horses’ mouth – yes, from those avid world travelers who are rightly called the “desert aficionados”, and for whom, deserts are one of the fondest reasons to be in UAE.

Rising sun or setting sun, moonlit nights or the soaring days, tranquil locales or adventure sports – you got a lot bundled when voyaging around the deserts of UAE.

You have always wanted to be on a desert voyage that comprises jaw-dropping moments, amazing backdrops, stunning scenery, and you are promised all those at the UAE deserts – a complete package well amalgamated with as many prospects to soothe your nerves as to feel the rush of adrenaline.

So kick start your discovery here! You are on your way to unfold some untold mysteries, few rare secrets and of course, some lesser known spots to chance yourself at!

But before we tell you about the desert amazement of UAE, it is important for you to know that regardless of your personality type, hobbies, or inclination to leisure activities, a guaranteed dose of fun and entertainment exists here.

Yes, the rare entertainment – you have come here hunting for, and which you don’t see anywhere else.

Dune-bashing! Persuasive, compelling and all the adventurous things get considered right the moment you think about dune-bashing.

No adventure lover in world would ever go about without mentioning adventure activities in UAE and the adventure in UAE, and particularly the deserts in UAE, is incomplete without dune bashing!

To put it another way, dune-bashing is an identity of UAE deserts and spells adventure uniquely.

Right now, you are going to know about three top and favorite spots in UAE, best suited for 4X4 dune bashing.

Are you the typical adventure buff and want to test your audacity in the renowned barren regions of UAE? Come to Bidayer!

At first, it is the size and sand at Bidayer that evidently make it a profound place for globetrotters. But there is much more here for you.

The mammoth dune in this outstanding deserted land holds special identity for the color of sand – red! Tourists and desert adventurists call it “Big Red” and top put it most appropriately, this is the trigger they yearn for to feel the rush of adrenaline.

You are the best candidate to be at Bidayer, whether you are a seasoned adventurer or novice. Bidayer has dunes which are though easy to surf through yet offer quests. Hire a bike or jeep and see how good you are at it.

Alternatively, you can also be at the Bigayer on weekends and watch the biking thrills of skilled adventurers. As you sit sipping your favorite beverage, you are actively involved and adequately thrilled seeing those jeeps, quad bikes and buggies jump, fall, turn, twist in the dunes of Bidayer.

This place is at 45 minutes driveway from Dubai.

Fossil Rock:
You got it right! The place is surrounded with fossils – the fossils which belong to those tiny living objects and shells that occupied the ocean coasts some time. What you see here is the coagulated form of those fossils and so the name Fossil Rock has got derived.

What would you do here? Correct question!

Hike, hunt, camp or just snap! This place promises lot to every type of traveler. Fossil Rock location has world appreciation for the marine fossils which date back to the prehistoric times –the times when Tethys Ocean existed, and so this is your chance to catch up with some rare attributes of the erstwhile ocean.

Liwa Desert:
Among the numerous attractions in Arabian Desert, Liwa has special mention.

But more than that, it is the heaven for expert dune bashers. If you are one, be here for a unique dune-bashing experience; if you are not, be here to delight in others’ ventures!

You are lucky if you are at the Liwa desert right when annual fests are conducted. Rather you may plan your visit accordingly because Liwa is one of the most exclusive features of UAE deserts.

Every year, Liwa is a crowded landed for its incredible festivals and of course the adventure activities organized to challenge riders and bikers from the world over. Liwa festival extends to a whole week and to be called the “attraction of the festival”, you have a dune which only daredevils would like to try hands on!

Did you hear – the daredevils! Yes, this is so because Liwa holds Moreeb dune which is popularly coined as “terrifying mountain”.

Want to know what terrifies at the Moreeb? You should – well, firstly it is the height which elevates to three hundred meters and secondly, the tilt which is 50 degree slanted towards the top!

Whoa, what a place to chance on one’s life! No wonder, it is a “welcome treat” for mad rushers, lunatic dune-bashers, challenge aficionados and all those adventure gamers!

Enough dosage for the adrenaline! Now let’s get something for the soul.

How many times have you seen the sun setting? A million, right?

Now get ready for the most spectacular, enchanting and beguiling sunset in a rare backdrop. You may get to see a highly sensational sunset when on Abu Dhabi desert safari. So, have this included in your wish list when counting on features of UAE deserts, and in your UAE exploration plans!

The breathtaking view of the sun setting in this part of the world cannot be compared to anywhere else across the world, not even the desert anywhere else!

Excited? You should be! Particularly so because there are dedicated sunset points, and you won’t ask your travel agent for it! Just make sure you are ready with your camera as you can’t afford to miss a single mesmerizing moment, and want every dip of the sun captured in your cam!

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