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Climate and other details of the Desert Safari


Tourists have questions and doubts about the climatic conditions in a Desert Safari. Many people feel that Abu Dhabi has scorching summers throughout the year. To the surprise, there are different variations and facets of weather, and you should know about it before planning a Desert Safari tour.

Generic climatic conditions that affect the Desert Safari Tour

The city is located in the south-eastern direction of the Arabian Peninsula. As soon as you enter the city, you can feel and sense the dryness and roughness of the desert weather. The summers are always on in Abu Dhabi, regardless of the part of the year you go there. Hot and sunny weather persists all the time, and there are minor variations in the humidity levels. Rain is quite uncommon there, and you can experience a few heavy showers in the winters.

Since June to September are the hot months where the temperature always hovers above 48 degree Celsius. Those who are not acquainted to such high temperatures should take enough care. Humidity levels reach above 90 percent near the coast during the summers. It worsens the situation further, and you feel quite uncomfortable.
According to the weather specialists, one should be watchful for the north-west winds that cause low-pressure areas in the desert, and a huge amount of sand flows to the city in the form of sandstorms. It is a typical phenomenon happening in the summers only.

In Abu Dhabi, you do not find any autumn season as such. However, the temperature starts decreasing in the month of October and it swings between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius then. Do not forget to take heavy woolens if you have booked the overnight Safari tour during these months. The nights in the desert are unbelievable chilled, and you may see the mercury dropping gradually. It may touch five degrees Celsius or even lower.

Rain is very unlikely to spoil your Desert Safari tour as the average rainfall doesn’t even touch the double digits. The rains are in the short and heavy spells of showers for a few minutes. February and March are the months when you may see some rainfall. Otherwise, the weather is dry throughout the year.

What is the best time for Desert Safari?

Since you have long sunny days almost round-the-year and hardly any rainy days, Abu Dhabi comes out to be the best place to break. You should leave the peak summers because outdoor excursions like the Desert Safari or fun on the beach becomes greatly inconvenient.

Winters are ideal because the peak temperature is quite bearable and even if the temperature drops to the single digit figure, you have comfy air-conditioned tents to make the night stay trouble-free. Hence, November to March is the perfect months for this overwhelming experience. You need not pack much stuff while going for the Desert Safari. The camping site is properly maintained and you get the best facilities there. As far as personal care is concerned, you should wear full-sleeves T-shirts and trousers to avoid the UV rays. Carry good quality sunscreen lotions.

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