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Camel Ride At Abu Dhabi Desert

Many people underestimate camel riding and compare it with horse riding. However, it is a dreadful experience sometimes especially for those who suffer from motion sickness or vertigo. The swaying motions make it extremely uncomfortable to ride for longer duration. Hence, we have crisp and short desert safari rides for our guests.

CAMEL RIDE COST: 45 minutes camel ride for 3 camels, 45 minutes with 5 persons: AED 600. We have 3 camels in our camp. Transfer cost of AED 900 for 01 - 06 persons extra

Extra camels can be arranged. For extra camels, 4 numbers AED 6000 for 2 hours

Nuzhath Ideas arrange bumpy rides on trained camels at camel farms. The thrill and fun of it are just incomparable. You get a chance to look at the desert from a Bedouin’s perspective. Camel ride makes it possible to observe flora and fauna of this barren land. Sometimes wild foxes or Gazelles come across whereas some fortunate people spot desert owls.

Camel Farm

The rides go in a caravan, and it is a guided tour with no risk of getting lost in the widespread sand of great Arabic desert. There are snacks and beverages during short breaks to refresh and recharge our guests. Camel rides at camel farms are further exciting because you get a chance to look at camel breeding process as well.  Camel farmers explain the process of breeding and nurturing camels.

Camel, the mysterious yet docile animal is the backbone of Arabic culture. With Nuzhath Ideas, you get familiar with it in an amazing way.

Unwind with Nuzhath Ideas in the truly Arabic style.
It is an unlimited fun guaranteed!

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