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Camel farm At Abu Dhabi Al Khateem Desert

We can’t imagine a desert without a camel because both are so closely integrated. When you plan a desert safari with Nuzhath Ideas, we make sure that you have enough interaction with this magnificent creature. Arabic people love, respect, and care camel because it is an important element of Bedouin lifestyle. In our desert safari tours, we do apt arrangement of visiting a camel farm. There are multiple breeds of camel; some of them are at the verge of extinction. These farms are putting their best efforts in preserving them.

Camel Farm

Our tour managers take you to a farm where you will be explained about how these animals are nurtured, trained and used for daily chores. Due to extensive ability of sustaining in diverse climate of the desert, it has been used for transportation from ages. Come and discover strange facts about this magnificent creature that has served mankind relentlessly.

At Nuzhath Ideas, we take care that the safari tour is informative, entertaining, and adventurous. Of course, we have a number of frolicking and enticing attractions with mouthwatering food stuff and a lot of fun and entertainment. Our motto is to make every single moment memorable. Come and join an out-of-the-world experience!

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