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What about enjoying Abu Dhabi Desert Safari in a Hummer? It’s like a dream coming true

When you visit Abu Dhabi, it is a blunder if you miss Desert Safari. It is one of the most spectacular and sensational experience that you won’t get anywhere in the world. Travel to the world of gigantic sand dunes and feel the thrill of the widespread desert.

Hummer safari Cost at Abu Dhabi:

  • Evening, AED 2200 (01 - 04 Persons), AED 2500 (05 - 06 Persons)
  • Morning, AED 1500 (01 - 04 Persons), AED 1900 (05 - 06 Persons)
  • Overnight, AED 2700 (01 - 04 Persons), AED 3100 (05 - 06 Persons)
  • Dune bashing only, AED 1500 (01 - 04 Persons), AED 1900 (05 - 06 Persons)

All desert safari's mentioned above are conducted at Al Khateem desert.

Rush to the ocean of sand riding the dream vehicle

Hummer is one of the most loved vehicles worldwide. The glamour and elegance make it different from others. The Morning Hummer Safari sets off at 8.00 AM when you are picked up from the hotel or any other places at Abu Dhabi. Since it is the private vehicle, you do not waste time waiting for others. The experienced drivers take you to the dream world in one of the safest and classiest vehicles in the world.
You travel around an hour on the superb multi-lane highway that takes you to the sand. Keep a close eye on both sides. You will see many interesting things. As you enter the sandy terrain, the speedometer slows down considerable. It is quite difficult to drive on the sandy road. Don’t worry; your drivers are accustomed to it.

Morning Safari is a quick excursion

You start around 8 in the morning and enter the sandy region around 10. You see the first glimpse of huge sand dunes and get zapped with the magnificent creation of nature. Now enjoy the bumpy and jumpy rides on the ups and downs of gigantic dunes. For those who want to test their nerves, there are dune buggy rides, quad bikes and sand skis. It is purely optional and chargeable if it is not covered in the package deal. Enjoy sand boarding if you like thrills and chills.

Evening Safari for those who love watching the sunset

It is said that the sunset in the widespread desert is incredibly beautiful. Hence, you should book a Hummer evening Safari tour and rush to the Al Khateem desert around 3 PM. An exhilarating Dune Bashing session waits for you on the way. Spend the best 45 minutes on the ups and downs of huge sand dunes. Rush to the camping site and see the spectacular sunset.
Appreciate the best Arabic hospitality and enjoy mind-boggling snacks. Henna tattoos, Yola Dance, Belly Dance and what not?  The evening is just incredible.

Overnight Hummer Safari, the complete package

You pay around 2700 to 3100 AED for an overwhelming Overnight Hummer Safari Package. It is the longest safari that brings in the evening and ends the next morning. You have the luxurious Hummer vehicle, absolutely personal and private. Dune Bashing, Sunset, Camel farm tour, camel ride, Falcon show; you name it and they have it, for you. Spend a memorable night in comfy and cozy tents. Come back to Abu Dhabi in the morning. Don’t forget to have the best breakfast arranged for you. You feel the hangover of the mesmerizing experience throughout the journey.  Overnight safari tour is a rich and entertaining experience. Don’t miss it when you are in Abu Dhabi!

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