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Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge

2017 April 2nd to 3rd

A tradition since 1991, this is a unique competition held in the beautiful desert of Abu Dhabi. The race is an important event because points scored here are considered in the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup and the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship. The event is organized by the Automobile & Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates (ATCUAE) which happens to be the sole representative of the FIA and the FIM in the country. The entire event is headed by the founder Mohammed bin Sulayem and has established new benchmarks of success with each passing year. During its inception, the event gained popularity as the UAE Desert Challenge simply because the route of the race covered various emirates. But in 2009 the organisers introduced a new change and all the routes were restricted to the deserts of Abu Dhabi only. That was when the grand event got rechristened to be known as the Abu Dhabi desert challenge.

What is the race about?

The Abu Dhabi desert challenge is a grand race that spans over six stages of which one includes a super special stage that is kept completely secret to the participants till the last minute. The motor sporting event involves navigating through the desert terrain of Abu Dhabi and reaching out to the finish line before the competitors. Some of the world’s finest drivers are seen participating in this event. The sheer heat of the strategies and the rubber that burns on the desert track are sure to leave racing fans begging for more. Currently, this racing event is one of the world’s most prestigious sporting rally where automobile fans accumulate in huge numbers to witness the best drivers battle it out to reach the first place. Cars as well as motorbikes participate in the event.

Who is the founder?

Mohammed bin Sulayem the man behind the entire show is no stranger to the power of racing. A driver by passion and profession, he holds the distinction of being the Middle East Rally Champion 14 times, having scored 60 rally wins in the FIA Middle East series. His body of achievements also include an impressive trail of victories counting two Group N successes in the FIA World Rally Championship, in Spain as well as Argentina.Mohammed bin Sulayem secured his first title way back in 1986 and his last win was in 2002. Though he has still not officially retired from the race, each year participants gather in anticipation hoping that Middle East’s star will come back to the racing track soon.

About the terrain

Unlike the usual race tracks in various parts of the globe, UAE’s grand sporting event is all about glorifying the fun times that can be savoured in the desert. The idea of adventure in the desert is thrilling for the driver as well as the spectators. Additionally, the landscape of Dubai is known to take entertainment to the next level so people simply love to be a part of the celebration. The difference in the ambience is what makes the race so exciting.

The event this year

2017’s Abu Dhabi desert challenge was a grand success because the number of participants involves and the consistent endeavour of the organisers to do things differently has continued to keep the spirit of the event growing stronger with each passing year. Divided in two parts, the race involves motorcycles and automobiles. This year some of the biggest drivers representing various countries came forth to prove their mettle and what followed was an exciting array of races. For the list of this year’s races, you can always click on the link and see the league winners.


The races held in the deserts of Dubai are an excellent opportunity for automobile fans to come savour the landscape beauty and of course exciting races as well. Yes! The races have added the much needed adventure quotient to the ordinary vacation plans in Dubai. People from all over the world come to witness these races and the type of excitement that they offer. Basically, UAE has a lot to offer for every tourist making it one of the most loved destinations of the world. From the peaceful oasis town of Al Ain, the ruggedly attractive Hajar Mountains, the ancient forts and archeological sites of the Northern Emirates, to the relaxing beaches and diving sites offered by the East coast, the UAE is a versatile tourist destination sure to please all types of travellers.

So what if you are not aware of art of racing, you can still enjoy the race and of course make the most of your trip to this part of the world. Splendid hotels and resorts offer a luxurious year-round base for sun-worshippers; traditional souks and modern malls create a shoppers' paradise; while the desert presents marvellous opportunities for offroad adventure in the form of customised safaris, 4WD, camel rides and so much more!

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, this place is indeed like the crown jewel. You will find various tourist destinations that are sure to keep your itinerary occupied all through the day. Since the culture in Dubai is cosmopolitan, you will find an influence that is by all means global. So, if there are traditional souks, you can also try your hand at the state of the art golf course. All this and much more becomes possible when you come to the city to be a part of one of its biggest events.

How to reach there?

The Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge is one of the most looked forward events of the year. Therefore booking tickets for the event should be done well in advance. Since the place is served by all the leading airlines, getting to this place from any part of the world is not going to be tough. In fact, Dubai’s flagship carrier Emirates is also known for its excellent connectivity. Basically, there are flights from all major destinations in the world that connect you to this place. So reaching this place is easy! Additionally, if you book your flights well in advance, you are guaranteed to get great discounts as well.

Combining it with a holiday!

The event is often treated as a holiday by some competitors, supporters and families, who extend their stay to enjoy the myriad attractions the country has to offer. So, why should you not make the most of your trip?


Dubai offers excellent accommodation options. There are budget hotels for bachelors and those who want to stick to the estimate. Also, there is the luxury accommodation option using which you can enjoy a lavish stay in the Dubai hinterland. Hotel booking is easy. You can book it on the spot or simply do the bookings online. Either way, it is just a matter of minutes. As far as eating and other boarding and lodging requirements are concerned, the options are simply plentiful!

Travellers can also get in touch with the organisers and talk to them to seek different travel options. There are various interesting deals that they have to offer and you will easily find something to suit every budget.

How can you participate?

If you thought that being a driver restricts you from participating in the event, you are mistaken. While car driving is the main focus of the event, you can do a lot more on your visit here. There are various supplementary events hosted in the desert ambience that will keep you entertained. Even the organisers of the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge host various events that offer a lot of options to the visitors. For instance, participants can also upload videos. Organisers will select the best videos and upload it on the portal as well.
This gives you a chance to participate in the event in more than one ways and so it is totally fun!

About the facilities

While there are various facilities for the tourists, there is an equally strong array of arrangements for the race drivers as well. To ensure that the race is conducted in a just manner ensuring complete safety of the drivers, is and has always been the primary focus of the organisers of the Abu Dhabi desert challenge. Recently, Swedish rider Tony Land says the Search and Rescue team who came to his aid after he was seriously injured in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge last month are the best in the world. It is such comments that clearly reiterate the top level of organisational facilities of the event. During the recent desert challenge, the medical team provided permanent cover to the 149 competitors in cars, buggies, bikes and quads as they negotiated a challenging five-day route through the Western Region of Al Gharbia, across some of the most demanding desert terrain on earth.
In case of any accident of mishap, the rescue team was equipped to arrive on sight in a few seconds. The medical help was flown in through medical help.

The Conclusion

This year happened to be the 25th edition of the Abu Dhabi desert Challenge and waws hosted with great fanfare. The race kept the excitement soaring till the last minute and had people demanding for more. The celebration concluded with a gala dinner followed by a prize distribution ceremony at the Yas Marina circuit. The event was attended by the crème de la crème of the automobile circuit. The winners included Russia’s Vladimir Vasilyev, who captured the cars title for the second year in a row, and Spain’s Marco Coma who secured the Desert Challenge bikes crown for the eighth time.

Ahmed Al Fahim and Mansour Al Helei were the two proud winners from the home ground. While Fahim won the T3 buggies category, fellow-Emirati Mansour Al Helei captured the T2 production class cars title. Qatar’s Mohammed Abu Issa won the Desert Challenge quads crown for the second time in three years keeping the excitement growing in terms of popularity and expectations of the fans.

This year’s Desert Challenge was the second round of FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies for cars and also the opening round of the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championship for bikes.

What can you look forward in 2016?

The Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge has emerged as one of the most awaited events of the year. One thing that everyone can be certain of is the fact that the next year will be loaded with bigger and an even more exciting racing event. The big drivers will be there and if you are a fan of witnessing the action as the sweat rolls down on the race track, attending this event is absolutely mandatory. This could be your chance to plan your holiday in advance and organise every detail simply perfectly.

For any details on the event, schedule or facilities, simply log in to the portal or contact the assistance team to get a better idea. Booking tickets in advance will help you save a lot of money as well. So, why not make the most of your deal and plan your trip to next year’s Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge today.

The event is your chance to enjoy the desert and its serene beauty experiencing an adrenalin rush like never before as the cars race against each other. Additionally, this is your chance to witness some of the finest in terms of racing as world class automobiles make their way to one of the toughest terrains on this planet. From the bikes to the car, every machine is a treat for the eyes as you watch the vehicles reach towards the finishing line displaying the sheer power and elegance that they are best known for.

It is these factors that makes this race one of the most awaited events of the year. So, what are you waiting for? Log in to and get ready to experience the action like never before in the lovely deserts of Abu Dhabi!

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